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Selected Career Articles


Want a Change of Job?

By James Copper

There are times in your career when you feel like you need a change. This happens with everyone. Even if you have a great job that gives you decent benefits and a good pay, you might need to have a change of job because you need something more satisfying...



10 Challenges Senior Executives Face in the Job Search

By Ford R Myers

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of key executives - CEOs, Partners, COOs, Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, and so on. Top business professionals like these present unique challenges to the Career Consultant, because they face unique challenges in their own transitions! Specializing in working with this clientele, I have identified 10 distinct issues that senior executives usually confront with when conducting a job search...



Rat Race Escape - Are You Ready to Get Out?

Sarah Rourke

Deciding to quit the rat race once and for all takes a lot of soul searching and a good deal of thought about how to go about making a living outside the corporate safety net. But what if you're still not sure about taking the leap? What if you're not entirely convinced you're cut out for self-employment? If the opportunity presented itself, would you jump ship?...


How To Start A Home Business With A Small Amount Of Money

By Garland Choate

If you're considering borrowing a large sum of money from friends and relatives to start your own home business, you may want to put that thought aside and discover other methods of starting your business without burying yourself in a heap of debts. Simply since you don't have a lot of money for capital does not mean you can't start a home business. There are numerous ways of starting your own home business even with merely a couple of dollars.



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