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Selected Articles by David Bonham-Carter


Is Willpower the Only Way to Make Changes?

By David Bonham-Carter


We live in a society which puts great emphasis on success and failure and the related concept of willpower. Often people tend to think they should be able to make changes easily – that it is only a question of willpower. The problem with this is that if you don’t succeed as quickly as you’d like (and most don’t) then you can feel that you are a failure.


The good news is that there is a more realistic, pragmatic model of how we actually make changes in normal life...



What is Life Coaching?

By David Bonham-Carter


Life coaching is sometimes defined as a method or practice of helping people to achieve goals.

This definition draws attention to the following features of life coaching:

* Coaching is a forward thinking pragmatic approach as opposed to some forms of counselling which are more concerned with looking back

* Coaching is usually very focused – most coaches encourage you to set targets and a series of actions to help you reach those targets. The actions will be a step by step approach to leading you towards the targets. As a fairly obvious example, if you are stressed from overworking you might set a target of reducing the amount of hours you spend on work-related tasks by 20% within 3 months. Your coach can then assist you in helping to learn strategies which will enable you to reach that target in a series of steps...



New Year Tips

By David Bonham-Carter

Tips for starting the New Year in a positive way...



Relaxation Tips for Stress and Anxiety

By David Bonham-Carter

If you are feeling anxious or stressed or having difficulties sleeping, relaxation techniques can be useful in helping to calm your mind and body.


The following are some relaxation techniques you can try. Ideally, if you can, practise one or more of them on a daily basis.


The techniques are designed to help you switch off and take your mind away from the immediate thoughts which might otherwise preoccupy you, so don’t use the exercises in any environment where for health or safety reasons you need to concentrate fully on another task, e.g. when driving or when operating machinery or using potentially dangerous equipment or tools!...



What is Social Anxiety?

By David Bonham-Carter

Social anxiety, also sometimes known as social phobia, is a condition in which you experience high levels of anxiety about being criticised by or judged in a negative way by others. Surveys have suggested that as many as 10% of people may suffer from the condition, although it was not commonly recognised as a form of anxiety disorder until the 1980s...



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